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Titan Force CoD4 Online eSports Tournament

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Titan Force Gaming is organizing Call of Duty-4 Online Tournament.

Total Winning Prize Pool: 10,000/- INR + 1 year .in domain hosting by ongrid.in + free 1.7 game server (Location: Singapore) for 1 month.

Register your teams before 3rd feb 2018.

Registration Linkhttps://goo.gl/forms/HzQtXC7JdS3i3z0O2

Tournament and match Ruleshttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1qli-U0gUaGOKEBscVJ5QrNIwdyduJzIPggplTMA4I-A




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The following rules and regulations are to be adored by every player participating in the Tournament and violation may lead to a ban of a player or disqualification of the entire team. Final Decision stays in hands of Tournament Admins and is not open to disagreement. 

Any team can have a maximum of 7 players in the squad. All 7 players are eligible to enter the Tournament Server. Matches will be 5 v 5.
All the matches will be played in “pml 220” promod in “knockout_mr12” mode.
All the matches will be played in Punkbuster Enabled server. So all the players must update their pb to the latest version. All the PB problems should be solved prior to Tournament.
Every Player must record DEMO by typing “/record demoname” in the console.
Each Player including the player spectating must take FRAPS recording, failure of which may lead to player ban/team disqualification. FRAPS recording must show “Recording Demo”, without which it will not be considered valid.
A team can ask demos for at max 3 opponent players. Admins have right to ask for all. 
Demos (can be viewed in TeamViewer) should be uploaded within 24 hours after match completion on request. It is advisable to upload demos immediately after match completion to avoid complexities.
Ambient Occlusion (AO) provided by Nvidia Graphics is not allowed.
Any player caught using hacks will lead to entire team disqualification from the Tournament and further Ban from all future Tourneys.
Usage of Fullbright is strictly prohibited.
No kind of macros / scripts / binds are allowed
Every player must carry the exact Team Tags in their names.
If any player is found smurfing for any team the Team will lose the match and the player will be banned from Tournament.
GUID’s will be checked prior to every match. In case of discrepancy regarding GUID’s inform the Admins prior to match start. Henceforth strict actions will be taken.
Any player found doing elevators or illegal glitches in the game, the team will face a penalty of 2 Rounds.
If any team fails to show up 20 minutes after match startup time, the opponent will be given a walkover. The game fixtures are not subject to change after the Tournament kick starts. Timings will only be altered under unavoidable circumstances.
If any player teleports ridiculously opponent can ask that player to spectate after admin’s approval.
In case of controversy regarding any matter, Admin’s Decision stands final and to be accepted by all.

Match Regulations:

The tournament is based on a Double-Knockout format where teams will be divided into 2 separate groups based on Winning or losing the matches. 
All the matches will be “Best of 3 Maps”.
There will be 1 Knife Round (5 v 5 Knife) for map ban. The loser of knife round will ban 1 map and the second map will be banned by the Winner of Knife Round. The 1st map to be played is decided by the Winner of Knife Round. There will be separate Knife Round (5 v 5 Knife) for side selection. No usage of weapons is allowed during knife round.
Matches will be mr12 and a Best of 3 maps. 
Spawning of 6th player and donating his weapon is also not allowed. If any team found doing that, the team will face a penalty of 1 round.
In case of a tie, the tied match will be played on “mr3”.



Match Specifications:

Mod            : pml220            
Gametype        : Search n Destroy
Time per Round    : 105 seconds (1:45)
Bomb Timer        : 45 seconds
Plant Time        : 5 seconds
Defuse time        : 7 seconds
All Default weapon classes with default class_limits.

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