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    Teams must reply to this thread for registering their team in the given format. Team CLUB URL: Team Members 1. IGN - GUID 2. IGN - GUID 3. IGN - GUID 4. IGN - GUID 5. IGN - GUID 6. IGN - GUID How do I find out my CoD4 PunkBuster GUID? If you're not sure how to find out your own CoD4 PB GUID please follow the steps below. Step 1: Connect to a PunkBuster-enabled CoD4 server. Step 2: Open your console (by default the ` key - otherwise check your control settings). Step 3: Type /pb_myguid into the console window (full 32-digit GUID) or /pb_plist for the final 8-digit GUID you need to register. Step 4: Your CoD4 PunkBuster GUID will be shown, it is the key with GUID= in front.